Young Love

You will not find a cuter couple than this. A family member purchased them a photo session for Christmas. I was honored and excited to meet the couple. We had plans to go to one park near their house, but it was not very lively for their taste. Everything in January is not as nice, so I decided to take them to the Dallas Arboretum. They had never been. I warned them that there would be walking because of how big the Arboretum is. They were up for the challenge and the weather was working in our favor.All I can say is they are one of my favorite couples to shoot now. I felt like I was taking engagement photos. The camera picked up on the love these two have for each other without me having to instigate much. I would occasionally ask them to pose a certain way or to look at each other. Every time they did, I heard the same sweet thing, "I love you" or "I will marry you over and over". They have been together for 30 years and you would think they were on their honeymoon. I mean come on, look at the way he looks at her!!! If this couple does not set the relationship goals high, I don't know what does.

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